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Let's set our hearts on self destruct. [entries|friends|calendar]
they call me Mr. Wiggles

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LAAAAAAAAAME. [01 Apr 2005|09:47am]
[ mood | guh ]

its pretty bad when your friends lie to themselves and everyone else. what's worse is when they believe their own bullshit. I understand what you did... I don't blame you for that... that shit happens, but be a man about it and tell the fucking truth.

in other news - I want to hang out with graham and ride bikes - as soon as this shitty weather clears up.

I'm going to the lake this weekend... and its gonna be tight.

Dylan and I had some sick bro time last night at Felini's and then at my apt t watch some True Romance. I'll never get over how bad-ass that whole dialogue between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken is, plus Brad Pitt plays a total stoner and thats pretty funny. Well - Dylan and his girl(insert whatever label here) seem really happy and they're cute together. I'm siked for him. But we need to get back to work on the Disconnect.

Study time. I have a test on the Zapotista Movement and the WTO protests in Seattle today - thats my kind of test. TIIIIGHT.

go to this page if your into that kind of stuff.


its pretty awesome.

.6 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

this is a shake down. [18 Feb 2005|08:53am]
[ mood | why am I up? ]

Learning 90s songs on the guitar is awesome.

Hanging out with Chase and Mike and Danny is better.

Ashley makes it all that much better.

We're going to this on SUNDAY!

This week has been awesome. School is getting easier, work is no big deal, hanging out is tiight.

I got a fish and his name's Rocky. He spits water out of his bowl because he's cool as shit and he lives on top of my speaker and dances to Counting Crows and Bob Dylan. He's just chilling right now with some Beatles. He eats a ton and he's got all kinds of spots. He's pretty much the coolest fish on earth. Thanks queen

I've been writing music. check out this song...Collapse )

.4 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

see the good in everything [15 Feb 2005|01:47am]
[ mood | fucking destroyed ]

today was a great valentines day... the best I've had.

I'm stuck.... please don't lie. please.

.11 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

lets clap our hands over something [09 Feb 2005|11:51am]
[ mood | happy...not that one day kind ]

This week has been both awesome and not.

I'm sorry dylan. Your mom was an amazing woman.

I'm sorry Chase. I shouldn't have let you drive.

On a happier note, yesterday was my best friend's birthday. He won't read this, but happy birthday tony. We played poker and wall ball - it was pretty chill, and completely crucial.

Monday, my friend from Florida, Shaun came into town. He needs to move back home...I miss him so much. We went to Stone Mountain Monday morning and that was SICK. Then, I got to go see my girlfriend monday afternoon in IRAQ. WELL...It was pretty far away, I'm not sure if it was quite to the middle east, but atleast halfway there. She's the best.

Yesterday was beautiful outside until it started raining. This needs to stop so I can ride my bike again.

my car isn't as broken as they say. AAMCO told me it would take 2000 bucks to make my car driveable, but funny - I replaced the transmission fluid insted of the transmission and its driving like brand new again. I saved a grand total of about 1930 dollars by being a skeptic and taking the DIY route. Thanks GOD... and thanks dad.

That means I can visit Ashley...and I was pretty bummed on not having a car for that reason and that reason alone.

I'm trying to decide whether I want falafel or veggie burger for lunch. I ate chicken last night, but i'm not gonna eat it often. I'm pretty siked on a healthier diet. I was missing BBQ too much. This isn't about the animals as much as it is about not eating something that was violently and uncleanly slaughtered. Thats just gross, I'm afraid it will make me sick...plus I feel better eating a vegetarian diet... to be truthful - chicken isn't as good as tofu.

Four week tour this summer with Harbour, Only The Good Die Young, and Time After Time. I'm gonna miss ATL but its gonna be so much fun. I can't wait.

Alright - time to go listen to my crazy Psychology professor and sleep through class.

don't say it'll stay this way forever

bike, annoy, get hit by cars and dumb asses on k-mart mountain bikes [03 Feb 2005|10:50am]
[ mood | CRASH! ]

I've been in multiple bike wrecks this week.

i'm gonna get hurt if this keeps up.

Monday - got backed into by and SUV - swerved to miss him - face planted at about 30mph into a nice soft sidewalk - barely missed getting my face bashed in by a handrail. TIIIIGHT!

Today - hit by a cyclist on a K-Mart mountain bike. I was going about 35 in my lane. fucker tried to cut across and side swiped the shit out of me. my back tire and gears are fucked.

oh -yeah - and then there's my car that doesn't work anymore.

but I'm good - no big deal - cause I get to hang out with Ashley this weekend.

Head automatica cancelled their tour dates. Thats lame.

I named my giraffe titus - ask me why - its pretty funny.

If anyone wants to hang out ever - call me - I work and got to school a lot - but I have free time too...

I want to get AliBabas with Jordan and Graham - I called you the other day - hit me up - thats some good falafel.

PS - if you enjoy eating meat - don't watch a PETA video - because it will ruin it for you. I've been eating falafel and morningstar and beans for nearly three weeks now. Abbey - you have destroyed my obsession with Popeyes chicken - i'll never forgive you. Just kidding - its probably healthier like this. I did accidentally eat a pepperoni yesterday.

what's cuter than this?

.20 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

living the good life I left for dead [27 Jan 2005|03:53am]
[ mood | tired ]

The new bright eyes is good.

Life is so good right now. I can't imagine it getting much better than this. Don't ask why I'm up at 4 AM. I have some great friends and an amazing girlfriend.

I miss seeing a lot of people, but between work and school - I'm running out of hang out time.

we'll see what Kickball Records can do for us.

Trauma-Interscope here we come.

I wish my DVD player wasn't broken - I want to watch Romeo and Juliet right now. I've become slightly obsessed with that movie.

My mother needs to grow up. 45 year olds don't act like 4 year olds.

I need to finish invisible monsters.

viva King and Queen asswipe.

.15 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

new song... [13 Jan 2005|02:03pm]
[ mood | work....ewwww ]

we are
holding our breath
for something to believe in
we're all
taking careful steps
between restraint and release

and if we go too far
then who will catch us when we fall
if love too violent burns
then are we to blame at all

who can say that they're not afraid?

we are
holding our breath
for something to believe in
we're all
taking careful steps
between restraint and release

if dreamers often lie
I'll lie awake all night...

behind the cautious moves we make
to watch these quiet fingers start to tremble
a cinematic epic scene still plays
locked in the stares of every would be lover

when light through windows break
to reveal the scars we hide
are we just secrets to betray
or broken promises to die?

who can say
that the lines we pray
are lost on deaf ears
or cast away?
you can't say
it meant nothing to you...

we are
holding our breath
for something to believe in
we're all
taking careful steps
between restraint and release

behind the cautious moves we make
to watch these quiet fingers start to tremble
a cinematic epic scene still plays
locked in the stares of every would be lover


.3 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

kill fight kill fight kill fight kill fight kill fight kill fight blah...blahblahblah [13 Jan 2005|03:11am]
[ mood | can't sleep ]

I can't sleep. I can't get this one thing out of my head. I love the chase - and I love the uncertainty.

School started back up - guh.

I hope Dylan has a good time on vacation. You and your mom are in my prayers.

Life seemed to be losing its luster, but somehow - I've found beauty in the darkest times I've lived through yet... and a great reason not to let myself become an utter mess. I'm blessed in this.

its back to the drawing boards - its a new year and in a way - I'm getting a fresh start.

.2 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

I'm a mess [06 Jan 2005|09:24am]
[ mood | headache....dizzy ]

I need to calm down.

Last night was a blast - I have facial hair and its getting gross. Went to MJewww and saw a shitton of people. Been working a lot and hanging out a lot too. I love my friends a lot. The ones that have been there, I am blessed to have them.

Update (like on Unsolved Mysteries):
Zina has gone home. That got messy. I hate the fact that it got as bad as it did - and I feel bad for both her and anyone that got sucked into that whole business. Sorry to anyone that she was mean to, and to anyone I was sketch to. I couldn't deal with that anymore. So, the long and the short is that I'm really anxious to get my life back to normal and put the past behind me, besides... I've got more pressing matters to attend to and worry about.

My dad is my hero. He displays a patience and composure that I only hope I can learn in time. He is a wise man and he can put up with the most amazingly inane bull that drices me over the edge. Somehow, my father has an uncanny ability to maintain in the face of insanity. He is also one of the coolest dudes I know. I'm sorry it took me so long to come to grips with that.

ewww... moustache...

.21 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

MOOOOOOEEEEESSSS! [29 Dec 2004|09:17pm]
[ mood | FULL - lots of moes. ]

I got a moes gift card for Christmas. Best gift ever. I saw Closer last night wiht some good friends - tiiiiight. Got a coke with Ginna - she only kinda hates me now - so I'm really happy that she can forgive at least some of the mean crap I put her through.

I want to hang out tonight. Probably roomie time. I'm thinking thats whats up.

Rami and I kick ass at work.

I got my first paycheck today and I'm rich. I'm sooo money.

All the babies love me.

.8 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

Merry Christmas. [25 Dec 2004|09:01am]
[ mood | ho ho ho..brrrrrr ]

Its sad looking around and realizing how very few people are really celebrating Christmas as Christ's birthday. Yeah - its just some arbitrary day picked out by the Catholic church in the middle ages to counteract the Druid pagan festivals and give the Christians a festival of their own - and its ridiculous that its become such a capitalistic fraud. But I'm reminded of the real reason that we celebrate Christmas by the face of a pitiful homeless man that lights up when he tells me Merry Christmas and I say the same back to him and nothing seems that different between us. I don't care if we belieive in God or not - If you aren't celebrating Jesus' birth and you want nothing more than a tree with a million presents beneath it, thats cool with me - but at least show some love to someone that has nothing - anyone who's reading this is pretty privileged - probably more so than me. Yeah - I'm blessed - I got a new job and thats great - but I still have just three bucks and some change to my name. And you know what - I've been bitter and hateful and wrong for so long that I deserve it.

My New Years Resolution is a new me.

.6 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

buttfuck it. [16 Dec 2004|12:40am]
I worked 13 hours straight through without a break today...from 11 til 12. Thats all kinds of illegal. But at least I have a job.

I'm never going to be able to hang out again.

I miss everyone.
.15 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

good god... [11 Dec 2004|11:52am]
[ mood | ewwwwww! ]

...there are a lot of ugly people in McDonough and I think I met most of them last night.

show sucked.

I got a job.


I miss some people.

.6 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

I love Atlanta [08 Dec 2004|02:08pm]
[ mood | whatever Mary Poppins was... ]

Today - was awesome - and its still only 2 PM. I woke up and cleaned my bike and rode to Outback Bikes, got new brakes and a back light for my messenger bag so I don't get run over at night. Then - I rode to ZOO ATL and saw all my favorite animals - but the Komodo Dgragon was gone and so was the Tiger and the Leopard. I was pretty piossed, but the Pandas were chillaxin outside and the Orangutans and Gorillas were going totally nuts. There was a baby Orangutan hanging upside down and it was undoubtedly the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. Then these little girls got super excited about the Gorillas and were driving thier mom crazy, bnut they were really nice and we became friends. Their names were Morgan and I forgot the others (cause I'm bad with names). But they were real nice and deathly afraid of pigeons. I could see myself taking care of kids like that.

Then, from the zoo, I hightailed it on over to Five Points and ate some Ali Baba'a veggie falafel for lunch. I'm sooo stuffed. i washed it down with my favorite drink of all, pink lemonade, and then got back on the old bike and rode up Peachtree to Ponce and turned for home - I almost just wanted to ride all the way out to Marietta and pay a visit to my parents - I'm loving today. The weather is beautiful - animals are great - but its kinda sad that they're stuck in a zoo, and I can't wait to be back on stage on Friday.

Call me somebody -I want to hang out.

and oh yeah - come to this...

.13 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

rad. [06 Dec 2004|08:44am]
[ mood | tired...its early ]

some girl was really nice and made my band a livejournal community.

its pretty red - but you should all join it - that way you'll know when we're playing and stuff - haha.

but yeah - its right here...

do it for me. and fro the cool girl that made this thing.

PS - Hatebreed is worse than I used to think.

don't say it'll stay this way forever

the stinging air - hits my lungs - a sharp reminder that you're gone [30 Nov 2004|04:48pm]
[ mood | where are my new feet? ]

blow pops are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

thats so true - I'm eating one right now - holy crap.

its been a while since I updated.

critical mess was a blast and a half.

silent wars is coming along nicely.

show on December 10th at Greenhouse.

I want to hang out with friends - but I need to finish homework and all that business.

I miss feeling like nothing could ever defeat me - now i just kinda feel like I'm laying on my back waiting for the deathblow. But thats alright, because I have some good friends.

I saw two Lees today (vegan and Levrett) - one on a bike and one at school. Both lived up to typical Lee fashion.

I want to fall in love for Christmas - and magically have my debts erased - but for now I'll just listen to sappy music and watch Love Actually when I get too cynical.

thats about it I guess - but I'm with Snakob...I want to go camping.
.12 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

Its amazing how easily your confidence can be restored. [25 Nov 2004|09:20am]
Last night was nothing short of inspirational. I guess I kinda feel like this a lot, but I love seeing all those people. Fight Like a Brave, Instilled, and Outbreak were all amazing. I still can't get enough of Instilled. I miss everyone out at the house, and I can't wait for Critical MESS. Its gonna be a good time

- bike and annoy.

I don't have much to say, but thank you to everyone out there for restoring my confidence - there was such a feeling of solidarity last night that I'd been missing. Plus, I got free bread and orange soda at Baldino's cause this girl Amber that I gave a ride to lost her phone there and we went back after it closed and some o the chillest dudes on earth work there.

I'm gonna put on some pants, a shirt, and my shoes and head up for turkey day festivities - which I guess makes me a bad person because I'm contributing to an industry that kills animals - I kinda feel bad about it - but I'm not ready to stop eating birds yet. Give it a minute. Honestly though, chickens don't do anythign else...what would they do if we didn't eat them? HAHA. Totally joking but...

what I'm thankful for...

my friends
my bike
my parents
the fact that I haven't died in my sleep yet
the fact that I"m still alive in general
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
.8 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

do this business. [22 Nov 2004|01:45am]
[ mood | sleepy. ]

I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!

.8 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

I'm pretty blessed. [21 Nov 2004|10:17am]
[ mood | convicted ]

For as much as I complain, I'm pretty well off. I'm kind of convicted about a lot of stuff lately and I need to make some changes. I'm tired of making bad decisions and hurting myself and others in the process. I'm upset at myself for the way I handled the situation with my now ex-girlfriend - it had to end, but I wish it would have ended better - I didn't mean to hurt her like I did - and I'm so very sorry that I did. I hung out with Tony today and we talked - it was the first time I've been completely and totally honest with someone in a long time. With everyone else I feel like I have to dumb it down and just scratch the surface, but Tony and I - we kind of get eachother. I'm gonna miss him 'til he gets back home again.

About the show last night. I'm really happy for Tony - he followed his heart and it looked bleak for a while, but he ended up in a great place.

I'm not sure what I think about hardcore in general right now. Everyone's trying to run everyone else off. All this "we don't need you" and "get the fuck out" has me wondering what its all about. Becuase I thought it was about being open to other ideas, but a rift has opened up. There are two sides in a lot of cases and the Christians and the nonChristians are just taking pot shots at eachother. Its sad really. Granted, there are a some exceptions, but I can't remember the last time I've been to a show and I didn't hear something that made me sad - people are so hateful.

Personally, my belief is that Jesus is my savior - I love him for what I believe he did for me. But I'm not going to start a fight or a shouting match with you if you don't believe what I do. I realize that from a million people's viewpoints - I'm insane for believeing what I do, but there's something about my life that makes me beileve in spite of the fact that it seems crazy.

I don't know if anyone will read this - its really long and it doesn't have any bold text or pictures on it, but I would just honestly like to challenge everyone that reads this... to come together whether or not you believe in God or not. Punk/Hardcore is a place for all ideas - lets not kick eachother out of harcore - lets kick hate out of hardcore. I'm guilty of it just as much as anyone else. The other day at underoath I got in a fight with some kid and at the time I justified it, but now I feel stupid and immature for it. So what - he tried to get in a shoving match with my back and tried to trip me - i should have given the dude a hug and told him that whatever insecurities he was taking out on me weren't so bad, but unfortunately I guess I had my own insecurities and I turned swinging. We've got bigger enemies than that dude in the pit that can't dance, or the kid in the pit thats just there to hurt someone - or the kids that hate god, or the kids that love god. Its so rediculous. We have bigger issues.

The streets are teeming with crooked cops and backwards politicians. George Bush is sending Americans to their death and sending the middle east to hell in our name and in the name of a God he obviously has no grasp on. My God is a God of love - not of hate, facism, death, lies, and war.

.27 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

MY PHONE GOT SMASHED [17 Nov 2004|12:56pm]
[ mood | diggity damn ]

My phone was run over today and got totalled.

Send me your numbers - call me so I can get your numbers - you've still got mine.

my new phone is so crappy, but it does make telephone calls.

.13 lied don't say it'll stay this way forever

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